Application Deadline

AUG. 20, 2020

Selections Announcement

Oct. 1, 2020

Details Submission Deadline

DEC. 4, 2020

Trial Operation

FEB. 2021
2 Days

Exhibition Period

FEB. 26-MAR. 07, 2021

*Actual Exhibition Period for the 10-day event to be finalized by the Festival Organizer.

Exhibition Location

Long En Canal Lantern Site, from Dongda Road to Minzhu Road (Long En Canal Park)



Works must be presented using forms of light (e.g. installation, projection, etc.) Please include a preferred location for the work (one of the six designated locations within the exhibition site) with the submission. The final configuration plan and display location of selected works will be determined by the Curatorial Team, and the artist must display the work in the form of an installation in the designated locations within the Long En Canal Lantern Site for the duration of the Lantern Festival.

Jury Selection

Submission materials will be accepted until 11:30 PM on August 20, 2020 (GMT+8, TAIPEI TIME). Please upload all submission materials to:

Late submissions will not be considered. For further queries, please email Project Manager of archicake design, Melody Chuan melody@archicake.com.tw

Submissions should include two files, including the following materials:

1. First PDF & the Application Form

- File Name: “Team name” followed by “-CV”

- File Content:Please complete the Application Form. Submit it along with the Artist/team’s resume and illustrate relevant experiences regarding creating lighting installation works.

2. Second PDF

- File Name:“Team name” followed by “-Title of work”

- FileContent:
(1) The spirit and meaning behind the creative work (maximum 500 words in English)

(2) Cost analysis table including production cost, and all costs associated with exhibition, shipping, labor, and transportation estimates. Cost planning details will be discussed with the Curatorial Team to determine the final production cost.

The cost analysis table structure must include:
- Cost of creating the exhibited work and round-trip flight costs, to a maximum of USD 25,000 (before taxes).

- Costs associated with exhibition and production including transporting, travel, installation, etc., must be presented in a tax-excluded budget table.

(3) Site and work layout point planning (including drafts, materials checklist, floor plan, exhibition simulation diagram or three-dimensional drawing, etc.)

Production Schedule for Selected Art Works

After a shortlist is completed, the Hsinchu City Government will contact shortlisted teams to discuss production processes. Contracts and confirmation with the list of participating exhibitors is expected to be completed by September 30, 2020. Subsequent to announcing the list of participants on October 1, 2020, production of the work will begin, and arrangements for transportation to Taiwan and relevant matters will be coordinated.

The submission of detailed construction drawings and transportation details will be confirmed by December 4, 2020. During the exhibition preparation period, participants will cooperate as required in media activities related to promotion of the city’s image, including videos and interviews.



A list of finalists will be announced on October 1, 2020. The Curatorial Team will contact each selected team to discuss and confirm the exhibition format and cost budget. The maximum amount awarded will be USD 25,000. The confirmed amount will be distributed in three installments.

- 30% Payable upon confirmation of work design sketches and relevant documents by the organizing body.
- 20% Payable upon arrival in Taiwan to begin production and assembly.
- 50% Payable at the conclusion of the festival exhibition period, upon completion of the dismantling of the exhibit, and after all expenses have been audited.



Works will be returned to the artists upon the conclusion of the lantern festival. Those whose works qualify for permanent collection by the Festival Organizers will be contacted by the Submissions Team to discuss the collection procurement process and import customs declarations.


Copyright Information

1. Upon receipt of the submitted entries, the Festival Organizer retains authorization to report and exhibit the works of participants internationally.

2. The intellectual property rights (IPR) and interests for the participating works will be jointly held by the participating artist(s) and the Festival Organizer with shared copyright over the work, which the Festival Organizer may use for promotional purposes such as advertising, online posting/banners, reporting, and publication.


Production Regulations

1. Participants submitting the work hereby understand and agree to the following

(1) All relevant rules and regulations associated with the competition are observed.

(2) Submitted entries are original works, free from imitation, plagiarism, or copying other works.

(3) The decisions of the Adjudication Panel are final and resolute, and cannot be contested.

(4) Contestants should not reveal their identities before competition results are announced. The same work should not be simultaneously submitted to other competitions. In the event of the above, the contestant will be disqualified.

2. Production Suggestions

Submitted works must be original, high-quality works to be premiered at the 2021 Taiwan Lantern Festival. Please ensure that works are conceptually unique and innovative.

3. Thematic Relevance

Proposed works may interpret and respond to the curatorial theme via a diversity of approaches.

4. Selection of Location

Please propose suggested locations (select one from A to F) for exhibiting the work within the sites designated for the current festival. The Festival Organizer and Curatorial Team will consider recommended sites proposed by the artist(s)/teams of all the finalist works, and then make a collective decision on the final placement of the work.

5. Structure of Work

Hsinchu’s climate is humid, with windspeed of up to 41-47 knots in winter. Hence, the structural stability and durability of the submitted work will be important factors for the jury panel to take into consideration. Submitted proposals should include structural reinforcement plans and waterproofing measures, as well as safety instructions for the cable and electrical layout of the work. We encourage participating artists and teams to submit professional structural safety assessments relevant to their work.

Conditions for the production of installation works

(1) Parameters for the installation work are as follows: above the canal, within the space defined by the water’s surface to the treetop.

(2) The work may extend to the grasslands and footpath along the canal with due safety considerations.

(3) Installations may float on the water.

(4) Works may be projected onto the ground surrounding the canal, at eye-level or above from the footpath.

(5) The lantern site is in a residential area. Works that emit sound must be maintained at under 50 decibels.

6. Installation Method

The Festival Organizer and Curatorial Team will organize an exhibit installation team based in Taiwan. A clear and itemized project plan shall be provided to the Curatorial Team for assessment before the work is delivered on site. Once the finalists are announced, the Curatorial Team will contact the artists/teams for further discussion. Therefore, the contents of the proposal must include installation methods, manpower estimates, facility specifications, and power requirements, as well as time frame for set-up of the work.

7. Safety Consideration

Substantial consideration shall be given to prevent damage to the work from weather conditions in Taiwan, as well as to the structural stability and safety of the work to ensure it is able to withstand outdoor display during the Festival period.

8. Insurance

The Festival Organizer and Curatorial Team will arrange insurance that covers transport of as well as loss/damage to the work during the exhibition period. At the proposal stage, please provide a detailed, itemized list of materials and equipment that requires insurance coverage, so the Curatorial Team can make necessary arrangements.