Who hold the competition?

The International Open Call of 2021 Taiwan Lantern Festival is Produced by Hsinchu City Government, curated by archicake.


What’s the purpose to hold this Open-Call?

To create a futuristic cosmopolitan lantern festival, and transform Hsinchu City into a large-scale gallery space that gives the world a better understanding of Hsinchu City through the Taiwan Lantern Festival.


How do I submit an idea?

To apply for the first phase, please press “DOWNLOAD” button to acquire the files below:
1. Application form.
2. The relevant images and information for your site evaluation and work references.

After fill out the Application form, and organized your plans of work, please submit Application Form & CV and WORK separately via each “SUBMIT” button on the open-call website. If you have more than one file for each subject, you may multi-select your files then press the “SUBMIT” button at once, your files will be auto-collected in on the website.


When should I submit?

The submission deadline is Taipei Time (GMT+8) 11:30 PM on August 20, 2020. Late submissions will not be considered.


What should I submit?

The submitted files shall be submitted separately via different submit buttons on the website as below:
1. SUBMIT Application Form & CV.
2. SUBMIT WORK. — the file content shall include following information:

(1) The spirit and meaning behind the creative work (maximum 500 words in English) Cost analysis table including production cost, and all costs associated with exhibition, shipping, labor, and transportation estimates.

(2) Site and work layout point planning (including drafts, materials checklist, floor plan, exhibition simulation diagram or three-dimensional drawing, etc.)


Any entrance fee?

The competition is free of charge.


How many artworks can I submit?

Only one work is allowed for each applicant.


Who will make the final exhibiting list of works?

The jury will select the works and the result will be overseen by the Curatorial Team and the Festival Organizer as they reach a fair and objective decision, the jury comprise of members with following qualifications:

- International curatorial experience

- International design competition experience

- Previous winner or juror of an international open call for submissions

- Promotion, planning, or practical experience in urban reconstruction

- Professional background relevant to urban landscape, art, or architecture


I already have an art object I’ve designed that would look great on the site, may I submit this art object as for my submission?

Yes, you may submit a previously designed work or artpiece but please make sure it meets the Production Regulations


Is an audio installation allowed?

Yes, however a work that emits sound must be maintained at under 50 decibels.


May I submit a video?

Yes, if a video is helping to introduce your team or your work, please submit it with your file, recommended format of a video would be MP4, MOV, AVI.


Where can I install my work?

You may choose one location from LOCATION A TO F to propose, but please note that the festival organization and the curatorial team will decide the final location for each work.


What is the voltage on the site?



Is there any safety specification?

Your art work must be durable under the unpredictable weather conditions. Winter weather in Hsinchu City can be windy (max. gust can up to 41~47kt), wet and cold. The exhibition site is an open park, please consider safety for the public.


If I am selected but can not install my artwork due to COVID-19. Is there any alternative way out?

The Curatorial Team will assist with your installation, please provide a detailed installation plan after your work being selected. Please consider how the work will be installed, includes the needs of manpower, equipments, electricity power requirements and provide a practical installation timeline.


Shall I pay for the transportation fee? Is the maximum Award Amount of USD 25,000 including the charge of transportation?

No, the Curatorial Team will pay for the art transportation, installation, and your local travel spends in Taiwan.