Imagery and Curatorial Spirit for the Lantern Site

When the Wind Blows Through the Isolated Land - Unexpected Flow

Trees and flowers still stand
slide and trails remain
where there is without a man
the battlefield is where they are sent

To fight is the only way to survive
but only hands off can overcome

Life stream trickles and shimmers in the night
the breeze of spring brings the messages of hope
the foes that can‘t be seen are virus and the hearts
by reflection that we can stand up

Brave new world may come
no matter it’s better or not

#Hope #NewWorld #Battle #Hug #FightTogether


Origin and Spirit of the Exhibition

COVID-19 was first diagnosed in December 2019 in Wuhan, the capital of China’s Hubei Province. Since its outbreak, the speed of transmission of the virus and its impact on mankind have taken experts by surprise. In addition, it has significantly affected the world’s population, economy, industry, politics, and the lives of the general public.



As the pandemic continues to spread, we are being confronted with the issue of survival. To halt the spread of the virus, different policies have been implemented around the world, e.g. the closure of borders, census checks, travel history tracing and quarantines, reorganization of resources, as well as increased inspection of import and export cargos. These policies have affected the everyday human experiences of social interactions, lifestyles, work pace, and mentality. “Self-isolation” has become the norm. While public and the private sectors have been promoting positive change in the midst of negative news through online activities, businesses have quickly turned to online transactions in order to stay alive, thus accelerating the development of e-commerce and the rapid growth of online shoppers.


Future Prospects

It is still unclear when the pandemic will end. In the face of present danger, people have begun to realize the damage they have done to the earth. To overcome our fear, we start to discuss what to do next, adapt to current situation, and attempt to find a solution to combat the virus. But is our will to survive strong enough to restore the connections and trust among people in the fight against the virus?


The Spirit of the Exhibition

In addition to the ability to interpret, through light art, the “uncharted” lifestyle changes, and the emotional and behavior transformations of human beings as they confront COVID-19, the 2021 Taiwan Lantern Festival also looks forward to receiving submissions that bring hope to the people. The deferred hugs and earnest anticipation will illuminate the irrigation channels of the Long En Canal Lantern Site, and ignite the flames of good tidings. The breezes of Hsinchu City will bring a wave of warmth in hearts across the land during the Lantern Festival celebrations.